Thursday, February 21, 2008

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One of Villa Hamat's bathroom.


Hello everybody! its been quite a while for my blogging session and finally after a lot of hardwork, focus and consistency and i must say the biggest credit must be given to my mum because without her, i can honestly say. . none of this would come true.

Villa Hamat's extension room.

We now have upgraded our Villa Hamat up to 10 rooms which totals up to 38 rooms for the whole resort.

The view from the rooms of villa hamat are mainly like this, there's a small pond filled with tulips and most importantly the sound and view of the beautiful beach. ;)

Villa Matahari

These are the Villa matahari standard rooms. There are 20 rooms altogether surrounded by capturing landscape with carpet grass and tropical trees and the gazebo to just chill and relax. It has never been better.

One of my Russian friend hanging out at the gazebo. cheeese ;)

the office and registration counter, very mediteranean hexagon.

Seating area in the office. So homely.

The Villa Hamat main entrance. tadaa!

a sample living area for each of the room in villa hamat..comfortable, spacious and... flat screen tv with hot channels in astro. i want E channel! hehe.

Finally, our latest room design in one of Villa Hamat.. modern yet classy at the same time. Each room has a slightly different design with the same concept. So what you guys waiting for.. call us up for an escape to an intimate beach paradise.............muahx.


Holiday Mom said...

Hi Haflin ... this place looks lovely!! Would love to be there someday. By the way, do you have a website for the Villa Danialla? It would be better if we can know what kinds of rooms/chalets you have and of course, the prices for each.

haflin said...

thank you.. and you're most welcome to be our guest.. the website is still under construction.. as we are waiting for the best season to capture the shots around the resort and waiting for our 'emperor pool' to be ready. So, i would strongly advice you to call up the number and we'll personally advice you what will be the best room for you to indulge. see ya!

** me, me & me ** said...

lin, ida herlina ni. i am not sure u remember me or not. anyway i find that Villa Danialla memang cantik. Do you provide airport transfer service? called the number but forgot to ask for that. do you have any package? 3D 2N?


haflin said...

hey, of course i remember.. duh! haha.. thank you..comela.... bring group of your friends or with your love dovey ;). you 'll love it. i promise. at the moment we dont, but there are many friendly taxi and they are very familiar to our place.its easy, 40 minutes drive from the airport and its CHEAP! anyway thanks for your idea and yes we are planning to get pickup transportation for our guest.but on the other hand arrangements can be done if our guest are coming in a big group.
3D 2N package?? hmmm honeymoon package adela.. hahaha.. there's no kind of package because we would like to offer 'exclusivity treat' to our guest and we make it such a way that each guest would have the chance to experience different treatment than the rest like special quality food standard, special traditional massage, a very private beach, and most importantly special aura..

** me, me & me ** said...

:) will call back to get more info on the honeymoon package. walaupun i have been married almost 2 years already... boleh la kan?

Y u Z z 9071 said...

hi..i'm ur silent readers.keep update ur blog k dear.

nice calm and homely

hope i will reach there someday..
maybe for honeymoon anniversary??

Iron Butterfly said...

Lyn!!!! the resort has turned out really beautiful, dah 2 years kot i tak pergi sane. Maybe we can have our school reunion at the resort instead of at the school. Hehehe.. ANyway, do call me when you're in KL. I miss you a lot!!

Anonymous said...

hey haflin, i found ur blog several days ago. i baru tau there is such a beautiful place in kelantan like danialla resort. since, its oliday, me n my frens decided to go n find dis resort lar.then we found it. not so far from kubang kerian (i live at kubang kerian, stdyin at HUSM, taking my health science degree). the place was really nice. i like the restaurant which in white theme, the white linen kena tiup angin realy nice. mcm bole buat beach wedding je...unfortunately, ktrg tk ble la nk stay sana, bcoz we jz couldnt afford it. but sumday with God's will, we will.

bella said...

hi haflin~ i was browsing thru my friendster and apparently a friend of mine happens to be friend of yours. really nice villa indeed! oh ya, i often go to kelantan since my future in laws are kelantanese =) may i know where exactly this villa is located and what are the rates? thanks.

Tun Teddy said...

last week I went there after a day out in Malawi. Your resort surely is a very beautiful place. Lookin foward to be there one day for my honeymoon. hope to see u there too.

haflin said...

:) :) :) please call fazli sales manager for the rates and bookings, 017-9604353.

thank you, muahxxxx.

mantanfwi said...

Villa Danialla will always be close to my heart as I have seen it grew from small unlit signage at Tok bali into a luxurious beach front resort complete with a HUGE infinty pool...

Best of luck to you all and we shall continue to support you in the best possible means (continue to give you customers from Russia, France and hopefully soon South Africa).

For those wondering what is there at Tok Bali, surprise yourself with this gem in the sky

k.e.r.i. said...

wut a lovely place.

tak sangka tok bali ada resort cantik gila macam ni.

Anonymous said...

do u have honeymoon package?

Anonymous said...

waah.. ada honeymoon package ke?

belog anak burhan said...

i dah stay kat ur villa,, villa matahari room no.1. superb!!

tp mase i pegi ri tu, pool xsiap lg..

but...very nice villa..

farhyamar said...

♥ Villa looks lovely and beautiful♥ we've just linked you .. ^_^

arinnira153 said...

Hi haflin,

I love all the pictures you have posted in your blog. If the proporty is truly yours, i would like to come for a visit. Is there anyway me & my team could come over for property inspection? do u have any website for it? if so, it will me much easier for us to market your property as we are looking for good classy accomodation to be offered to our tourist in Kelantan.

feel free to buzz me up at

thank you.

Masrina Mohd Bakri
Tourism Malaysia-Singapore Office

Anonymous said...

Hi Haflin

I think the last time we went there is about 3 years ago for lunch ( near the place where people used their jet ski ha ), is it the place ??

superb place by looking at the photo but do you really have beach