Monday, August 20, 2007


Being 25, an age of the quarter of century.. i dont even know where to begin..its like God, i'm 25!! already..... ala.. but its only 25 .. its a mix feeling ..really... but i finally realized that my heart was telling me this is only just the beginning of the JOURNEY... [ironic? ;) ]

So ya, TADAA!!! my unique chocolate mascapone birthday cake..he he. u know, i actually insisted the waiter to stick exactly 25 candles after the small arguments we had because he said its better to have 2 big candles and 5 small he claimed that the candles will melt in no time and bla bla bla. i was like, what the hell..listen to the 'birthday girl'... i know i was making such a big fuss about it.. but because its 25 and i think i'll probably wont have the amount of candles that equals to my age in the years to come.. so ya.. this might be the last.. hahaha. but the best part is i blew all the candles in 1 go after that "EVER" wish i've made...hihiihihihihiPREZZIEESSSS!!!!! BIG- BIG THANK YOU TO ALLLL YOU GUYS OUT THERE!!!!( you know who you are : ) I LOVE IT!!
To Mama & Daddy, Sarah, Dania, Amsyar, Ophelia, my partners, lovin the l.v so much!, Dato Hariati, Dato Amir & Dato Hamidah, Dato Dr. Halim & Asha & Hana, my bro Halim Majid, Bob, Cik Mi, Edwin, Aida , Gedi, Veron & Rizal, Syanaz &Suzy, Ilyas, Didi & Su, Nic!!! (u've made it, thank you!! ), Gorgeous Inez, my cuty pie Nina, Tasya and kak Nina, Ilyas, Miji, Nurul, Redza, Fadzli, Nini & Alina.. thank you for being there event i'll never forget for the rest of my entire life :) its the least that i can do to show how good taste you guys have..haha.. mmuaaahhhhxx.

GREAT people and atmosphere, SIMPLY PERFECT! :)