Thursday, February 21, 2008

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One of Villa Hamat's bathroom.


Hello everybody! its been quite a while for my blogging session and finally after a lot of hardwork, focus and consistency and i must say the biggest credit must be given to my mum because without her, i can honestly say. . none of this would come true.

Villa Hamat's extension room.

We now have upgraded our Villa Hamat up to 10 rooms which totals up to 38 rooms for the whole resort.

The view from the rooms of villa hamat are mainly like this, there's a small pond filled with tulips and most importantly the sound and view of the beautiful beach. ;)

Villa Matahari

These are the Villa matahari standard rooms. There are 20 rooms altogether surrounded by capturing landscape with carpet grass and tropical trees and the gazebo to just chill and relax. It has never been better.

One of my Russian friend hanging out at the gazebo. cheeese ;)

the office and registration counter, very mediteranean hexagon.

Seating area in the office. So homely.

The Villa Hamat main entrance. tadaa!

a sample living area for each of the room in villa hamat..comfortable, spacious and... flat screen tv with hot channels in astro. i want E channel! hehe.

Finally, our latest room design in one of Villa Hamat.. modern yet classy at the same time. Each room has a slightly different design with the same concept. So what you guys waiting for.. call us up for an escape to an intimate beach paradise.............muahx.