Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i've fallen in luv..

Dats me n my beloooooved sista the luckiest gal of all, Dania! Because this spectacular unique place is named after her. VILLA DANIALLA BEACH RESORT, TOK BALI, KELANTAN
It has all started 10 years ago when my parents bought this 8 and a half acres of land in Tok Bali which to be exact its at the border of Besut, Terengganu ..
Very long silky white sandy private beach with a remarkable view of Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Susudara... and it only takes 25minutes motorboat ride from the resort to Pulau Perhentian . ( the Russians are loving it so much , they will take a day trip to Perhentian for snorkeling and scuba diving and come back in the evening, cool init!)

ok, a glimpse of villa sarah.. a living room, 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms.. my lovely mum designed it in such a way to make people comfy and feel like its home.. just perfect for the whole family!

i have to put this picture of the standard 20 chalets bathrooms because i designed it! haha need the credits la! haha. black n white tiles modern design but a touch of sweetness with lacy curtains. so contradict! luv it! (poyo nye) :P

honestly, we don't really have a precise concept.. but i have to say.. this place is very Mediterranean.. this is the overview of one of the 20 rooms stretch chalets.. its very spacious.. using all the quality woods and other materials to serve the best for our guests!

the garden gazebo is just footsteps away in front of the chalets that gives u a peaceful feeling , very outdoor for chit chats while u can enjoy the beautiful green landscape. i love this place the most at night, very romantic feeling , by just looking up at those thousands shining stars in the sky..

next, is the villa haflin .. for v.v.i.p.'s.. a big bungalow lot with huge living room,huge kitchen, 2 rooms with a bathroom and a special suite on the upper floor.

the beach cafe

the right front beach cafe can fit 150-200 people approximately , as u can see.. we preserve all the trees surrounded by this building. very delicious f &b from local to western, u name it! and our special dish is the fresh fresh seafood barbeque! YUMMYYYYYYYY!

plus... private karaoke rooms on the upper floor of this building... jom karaoke!!!but seriously, i prefer to sing in front of the beach! its so cool.. very different feeling , i think feeling lebih kot! hahhaha!!!

again, its villa haflin! n dats the suite i was telling u guys! ok ok, i promote lebih cuz its my name.. hahahha! but u can actualy view the sea and the pulau's straight up from the balcony!!! romanticnye!!! (dream dream.. :D )

the garden gazebo
please observe the lower part of the picture... those are actually watermelon leaves! i'm serious!!!! u can see small medium watermelons along the landscape....

dewan fatimah
named after my grandmother ,a multipurpose hall, air conditioned that can fit about 1000 people is perfect for private functions, seminars, and weddings. very very classique.....

villa hamat is another extension of chalets that is 100% wood.. 11 unique rooms.. as my mum had passionately designed and build it .. to remain the Kelantanese culture and some part for tourist attractions and most of all for the memory of my late grandfather, Hamat..

time flies... from scratch and to where the resort is now.. its so hard to describe those feelings .. but for now its HOPE...
and i thank God, I've fallen in luv...
Escape to an intimate beach paradise...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

-haflin blogging-

blogging.. to be honest i'm so confused whether i should start blogging cuz i dont think i'll have the time to blog let alone to friendster n myspace .. but since i'm now in kelantan doing nothing and after checking out jamie's blog dats so cool n juz so FUNNY! u guys have to check it out ...its well .. maybe its worth a try! thanks to jamie! haha.. we'll see how far would this go!

it has been a fulfilling weekend in kelantan.. met the pilot instructor Russians from the SUKHOI dat is currently staying at our resort VILLA DANIALLA BEACH RESORT, TOK BALI, KELANTAN. n thanks a lot to them our resort's gonna be fullhouse for the next +-2 months.. well i guess its a good start n all the 5 years hard work paid off. .. but there 's more rooms to come as the 2nd phase development has started with additional 10 rooms .. WISH ME LUCK!

the other main reason was because Nona TV3 came to do some coverage on me and the resort.. nothing fancy... n i finally agreed to do it after the pujuk rayu n all from Rina the interviewer. i'd tell myself to take it positively on the outcome and for the benefit of the resort. check it out on the 29th july 2pm at nona tv3. :)